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Since 2002

Simply to contact us, on the contrarie too many médias, is too be shure of having a reply within a few hours

Thousands of rock Bands and structures place their trust in us



We esteem that your promotion can be done otherwise...

On a free media, independent, a media to whom Music is more important than Money





To rock Bands and rock Artists :


The Team of your Radio-Rock proposes to you the following deal:

You provide the information relating to your groupe by exchanging a radiophonic emission and "web-o-phonique"!!! 4 titles minimum will be broadcast authomatically during one year and one diffusion minimum every two days. If your album or demo is well recorded and rock, a groupe file including biographie links - style, mp3 files beeing listen to, photos, vidéos to underline your promotion by you utilising the notoriety of Rockenfolie, will be obtained by the éditorial team of the radio.

Each instant (24/24 hours) the team Rockenfolie will follow you and will be re-activated as you ask. Rockenfolie promotion is done on a long term basis!!


Free of Charge, Easy, pleasant and quick to make your promotion of one of the first french Rock Webradio!!!

Each group broadcasted has the possibility of coming to make his own interview and his live accoustic sessions in our studios if desired

For every demand of diffusion of your Band thank you for sending us a little e-mail, before each postal sending!

(Be carefull) we do not reply to news letters and mass mailings - We do not deal with any album sent without previous mail contact!!!


As with any association the people who benefit from our services must adhere to Rockenfolie association (Law 1901) by paying their due by postal check to the following order (Association Rockenfolie). The ammount has been fixes at 20 euros the first year and 15 euros for annual reconduction.

This, allways with the idea of helping. It is in no case a payement for the broadcasting but trully and adhesion to an Association who is an active member of the Rock Scene.


Advice: to persons who desire to contact us:


Encouragements, support, help for diffusion

Whether it be with the above formula or by telephone, the Rockenfolie team, the Radio will  allways be avalaible for all your demands and or questions!!


Warning to futur publicity announcers ( Paying party ) : 


The benevoles of Rockenfolie enconter many difficulties with regard to the promotion of french Rock Groups Labels and Actors in the french and foreign Musical Life.

Beside the fact of entering into promotion on one of the most significant médias of the Rock Scene you will help and association who fights for the diversity of Rock in Franceand world wide.


A few figures : Over 80 000 connections per month (that means one different hit per person) - More than 670000 players downloaded !!! - More than 86 countries and territories listenning in!!!

Over 10 000 visitores per month to the site !! Over 30000 visited per month - Rock google page rank 3 (Stats Google Analytic + Servers Rockenfolie) - optimized listening system I phone etc...



We propose that all Rock Groups and various Anouncers should be more visible on the internet site of Rockenfolie, the radio and thus to be referenced to the maximum on the world web.

Banners 90/600 - 728/90 - 468/60 - 300/250 -160/50 - (publicitary text bottom of page)

Rockenfolie, the Radio also proposes the réalisation of your publicité spots in order to make you more listen by your media.

All the tarifs are available on demand by mail, their are affordable to any one


All the tarifs are available by mail demand

Example of group tariifs : 100 euros for 120 spots/month plus one banner on the welcome page plus one banner on all the pages of the site!!!!

Example tarifs posters of concerts (pack one) 15 euros  on the welcome page at the top of page for one month!!!!











Contact us by e-mail and we will get back to you.


























Contact by phone :


Studio/Antenne ( local ) :    0033 (0)977 197 5 4 3

Responsable ( mardi et jeudi ): 0033 (0)6 60 82 65 80




Contact by Skype :






Contact by Msn Messenger - No mail please :




Contact by postal address :


Association Rockenfolie,

320 Rue Villa Mary

Le crêt des neiges,

74580 Viry, France

74580, Viry


( Do not send by registered postal service )













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