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Groupe Rock / Pop / Ballads / Punk Paul LeRocq

Paul LeRocq

Musique Rock / Pop / Ballads / Punk

Musicq with a meaning in different languages: English & Spanish.
Mixture of genres in the same tracks : like a bit of rap and roll. Fun shows in acoustic and rock styles combined with a lot of sense of humor.
Fiche créée wednesday 8 may et modifiée monday 9 september at 22h52.  (Visitée 443 fois)

Musique :

Rock / Pop / Ballads / Punk

Nombre de titres :
(diffusés sur Rockenfolie)
5   (voir détails ci-après)
Audience cumulée :
(depuis le 07/05/2019)
3042   (audience calculée à partir des IP différentes pour chaque diffusion)
Style : Rock / Pop / Ballads / Punk
Provenance :
Buenos Aires  More infos...
City : Buenos Aires
Region/state : Distrito Federal
Country : Argentina
Label : Blue Pie Records
FaceBook : Cliquez ici
Twitter : Cliquez ici
Site Web : Cliquez ici
Dernier album : Rock to the top
Première diffusion : Tuesday 7 may
Dernière diffusion : Yesterday at 22h19
Concerts programmés :
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Titres proposés à l'écoute par le groupe

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Actualités :


Au 26 mai 2019 :


I have been nominated in two categories for the Choice Awards from Radical FM SA in South Africa which will be held next November this year. There ´s also a voting system in case you wish to participate for my support in the competition. You can vote either category you prefer. Thanks in advace for your collaboration.


Radical FM - Nomination voting link - only once. Deadline: November 30 th. 2019.




Additionaly, this year I continue in the South African Top 30 and in Spain ´s Top 10 from Radio San José. In case you wish to support any of my participations, please vote one time each week in the links below for my track " Rock to the top ". Thank you a lot for your help and wishing you the best forever, always and a day more.


South Africa - Position 9. 16 Months. Week 19 - vote only once a week.




Spain: Number 1 this week. 9th Month - vote one time a day.  Https://


Au 8 mai 2019 :


These days preparing new music, acoustic solo shows at this time and translating into spanish some of the english tracks. Transforming myself into a record producer and learning a bit about music production. Also doing a worldwde radio promotion for the third year now. Received about 11000 positive replies already since we started.


Line Up :


Only one person in the group: Paul LeRocq.


Biographie :


Singer and composer Pablo Sciepura a.k.a Paul LeRocq was born on march 11 th 1978 in Quilmes, city of “ Quilmes Rock Festival “.


He began his first steps in music being the left handed guitarrist in a highschool band, then he occasionally took classes but he managed to learn on his own practicing a lot. The same thing happened with piano.




He began taking singing lessons at the age of 24 with Carlos Zabala for three years and then with Liliana Sfara until these days. Besides singing in Spanish and English, he also started working with Italian and german languages in order to grow his repertoire variety.


At the same age he started composing his own material in English and Spanish until reaching over 100 songs. He produced his own record in 2007-2008 with Mr. Osi Tejerina, CEO of Digital Poley Records.


Back in the days, his live shows presentations are divided in two different music styles : The first one is an acoustic guitar duet with Javier Onetto, a great guitarist from Banfield.


And the second and last one is the singing group organized by his former singing teacher Liliana Sfara . They play unplugged versions of classic songs from Bon Jovi, Enanitos Verdes, U2, Sergio Denis, Laura Pausini, Gloria Estefan, among others.


LeRocq has played in different bars / pubs in Buenos Aires, like Mitos Argentinos, Down Town Matías, Speed King, Montserrat, Barocho , John John, etc.


But Paul felt the English material deserved a chance abroad so he began looking for music contacts in USA, Europe and Australia.


In 2008 “ Rock to the top “ (English version) was included in an indie new bands compilation album by Mr. Will Ferraro from Tempe, Arizona .


The same year he began promoting his songs with different record companies that liked the material, like Shane Doherty from Turmic Records Sweden ( ) , Jay Cai from Countdown Entertainment in Calgary, Canadá ( ) and Mark Gillette, from Badness Records London ( ).


He also has signed a digital distribution agreement with Mr. Osi for his first release from 2011 until 2017.


After years of sacrifice, perseverance and good music, Paul LeRocq keeps his beat on with rock´n punk n´ballads, new sound and the strength to carry on.


Liste des titres diffusés
sur Rockenfolie, la radio :

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Détails de diffusion du titre :
Tan Solo Un Dia Mas

Première diffusion :
Tuesday 7 may at 14h24

Dernière diffusion :
Yesterday at 22h19

41 diffusions depuis wednesday 23 may 2018 :
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